Friday, 23 November 2007

Rushing up to Christmas

Hi, I know some of you are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend( Happy Thanksgiving) but I've only got three weeks until my Christmas holidays and I have done NO Christmas shopping. Think it might be very basic this year. I have had hints from the teenage daughter who wants either a new iPod or a new digital camera! I'm trying to think of something more imaginative and creative and it can't be knitted because knitted things except scarves and gloves are not cool enough. What fun! Any suggestions?

Have been working on finishing this.

This is the second half of Clementine from Interweave Knits Spring 2007. I have to get it finished by tomorrow for a friend's birthday so I'll have to get off here soon. Only managed to get some sock knitting time at a meeting the other night. Working on the next exhibition for my quilt guild. We have a biennial exhibition which as some of you will know takes quite a bit of work to organise. Good way to get to know members better though.

Have to take the teenage son to his NCEA level 2 exam shortly. He's quite happy with another Playstation game or a book for a Christmas gift.

I'll catch up again soon. Cheers

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

A fine weekend

Hi, thought I would show off what I achieved during the UFO Weekend. Finished piecing a large log-cabin quilt with flying geese sort of. Here's another photo. Quilting next!

I also finished piecing this quilt which I made from left-overs from another quilt - overestimated how many blocks I would need. Surrounded by fellow UFOers.
It was a great weekend. Sharing everyone's stories and quilts and also not having to do a spot of housework or cooking.