Friday, 31 August 2007

Friday again and sunny

Look what arrived today in the post, Romantic Hand Knits by Annie Modesitt and the latest offering from the Spunky Yarn Club. I will be pouring through the book this afternoon and thinking about what to make with the Spunky yarn. Lovely to get "surprises" in the mail box.

Finished Juno from Rowan 40 except for sewing on the buttons so next time you might see a photo if it looks okay. Colour is good anyway - a lovely greeny-blue (teal perhaps) in Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran, which is discontinued but which I got from Jannette's Rare Yarns on Ebay. The original pattern called for Rowan Wool-Cotton doubled - a bit costly.

Went to a new knitting group last night - well, I was new not the group. They had been going for 5 years. Great to talk to people about knitting and have them interested. Also went to my stitching group this week which has been going about 10 years we think. I think we meet up now for a good natter as much as for stitching. The other night we spent most of the night looking at the lunar eclipse - absolutely amazing! No pictures sorry but Just Jussi has some on her blog.

Well, have to go an make some pikelets for hungry children who will be home shortly.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Friday sun shining

A finished sidewinder sock. Fun to knit and I really know how to graft now. I love the way the colours form in the handpainted yarn. Here's another picture of the sock before I grafted the toe. Looks really strange but works out really well. A great, well written pattern. The sock appears too wide but fitted beautifully when I put it on. I guess it's something to do with less stretch on the lengthwise knitting.

Have been reading through Rowan Magazine 42, the new Vogue Knitting and the Fall Interweave Knits trying to decide what my next project might be. So much choice I love heaps of the patterns so really have to see what I can knit from my stash. Have also started another pair of socks, Go With the Flow Socks by Evelyn Clark in the Summer 2006 Interweave Knits in Dream in Colour Smooshy sock yarn in Beach Fog which I got from Wool Girl. Here's a picture.

Lovely soft yarn and great stitch definition and I love this colour.

Well, enough for today. I'm off to check out the Spotlight sale - probably too late for the best stuff and pick up some seed potatoes. Have to get the veges growing again now it's almost spring. Have a good week. Cheers

Friday, 17 August 2007

Foggy Day

Well we're having a bit of a foggy day here today after a week of mostly sunshine and cold weather. Have finished my jaywalker socks, find the pattern here. Here's a picture. Sorry no fancy sock blockers.

They are made from Lornas' Laces sock in Childs Play. Can't remember where I got it though. Don't know why they striped on one foot and not the other. A fun pattern but don't think I'll make it again yet. So many other sock patterns to try.

Have started a new sock, sidewinders by nonaknits. Very interesting pattern and I'm using this yarn which is the latest from the Spunky Club.

It looks really lovely knitted up. I'll show you a photo next time. Won't be buying much more overseas with the NZ dollar dropping back through the US$0.70 mark! Might just have to use up the stash and/or buy more local yarn. Pity yarns like Rowan are so expensive here.

Nearly finished the collar for Juno so should be able to show a finished object next time. Might start on some more summery knitting as it might arrive sometime in the next 4 months. Am off to drop off some clothes for recycling and to the library to stock up on reading material. Am reading "The Fly in the Cathedral" at the moment which is one of those popular science books and is about the splitting of the atom. It's of particularly interest to me since Rutherford was a NZer and one of the NZ heroes. Also have to get the next book for my book group.


Friday, 10 August 2007

Grey day in Wellytown

Hi, this is my first post. I decided that it was time I did some posting. I'll try not to be too boring. Have been on a knitting binge for a while but do a bit of quilting from time to time especially of the art quilt sort (sort of anyway). Am knitting Juno cardigan from Rowan Magazine 40 at the moment but it is all in pieces at the moment as I struggle my way through the long, long collar (interesting knitting though). Am also walking on a pair of Jaywalker socks with some variegated Patons Patonyle in blues and the toe-up socks from the IK summer 07 - the toe up bit was a bit of a challenge with the turkish cast-on coming out a bit holey. Also working on the cozy v-neck pullover from Fitted Knits by Stephanie Japel in Manos del Uruguay - great to work with. That's enough. Here's a picture of some of my stash to brighten up this post. You can see various sock yarns, some handspun from That Spinning Place some Rowan All Seasons Cotton and some Jaegar Trinity. What am I going to do with it all?