Friday, 20 March 2009

Funny pink socks

I've been looking after my DD today who has some sort of weird virus which I haven't seen before. But we have a nice time keeping each other company and chatting.

I have been finishing off these socks this week. I started to knit these for the solid socks January KAL on Ravelry but didn't get them finished as I got sick of the tiny cables and decided that I wasn't sure they were going to fit anyone. I can't seem to get toe-up socks right. I think these should have been knitted with thicker yarn and fatter needles to fit someone. Anyhow there must be someone I know who would like them. They are the Bouton d'Or socks. Yarn is Cocoon by Cleckheaton. Very splitty for some reason. The pink is less mauve than the picture. They are very tight on me.

I have been making good progress on my Noro blankie and am now up to 12 finished rectangles.
Lots of lovely colourways in there but I have a few duller ones to provide contrast. Of course the weather warmed up again this week.

Last I have started on this

This is not the February lady but another garter rib cardi which is also quite popular. I'll tell you more when I have progressed a bit further.

have a good weekend everyone. Cheers

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Libby said...

wow those noro squares look just yum! how many squares needed altogether?