Friday, 6 March 2009

Socks and lace

Hope to keep this going a bit more regularly from now on.

Said goodbye to my DS who went off to university in Christchurch a couple of weeks ago. I'm missing him but I know he is fine. It's very strange as he has hardly ever been away from home but seems to be adapted really well.

I have been knitting. Mostly socks of various kinds as you can see. Find details on Ravelry as I can't remember them all.

This which is the Chic Pulli is now finished but I haven't got an up-to date photo. Great pattern and I especially like the neck which has a simple lace rib and a nice shape. Made in Brown Sheep cotton fleece.

I have counted up my sock projects which are started and I have 3 single socks, 2 pairs about 3/4 finished and another single half finished and my sock-knitting mojo is disappearing. This is especially disappointing as I have two installments of Vintage Purls Summer Sock Club unstarted and they are both so gorgeous. Perhaps when winter comes it might come back. Right now I am contemplating which cardigan or pullover project i might start or should it be a lace project. I have recently acquired 2 skeins of lace-weight yarn from Vintage Purls. Here is one of my Vintage Purls skeins. Wonderful colour - a real teal blue.

It actually darker than this but I love it. I also have a purple one from Vintage Purls. What shall I make. I see Kiwichicknits has made a Woodland shawl which looks rather good and which I just realised is in my Ravelry queue. But maybe I'll try Twinings from Knitspot which I bought a while ago. Any suggestions for a shawl which looks good but isn't too complicated. Think I'll have to browse in Ravelry again.

Enough. See you soon Cheers

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alltangledup said...

beautiful socks.. really gorgeous... thank you for all the new links to explore.