Friday, 13 March 2009

Guess what

This is going to be.Does this help?

Or this?

Have you guessed yet. It's been a favourite pattern that I have been preparing for for a long time. Collecting up different colourways of Noro Kureyon from different places and I've finally started and it's fun. I have to knit about 20 of these rectangles and then join them all together. Even though every piece is the same pattern the different colours make it interesting. I've done about 9 so it should be ready for winter which we have had warning of this week. In fact I have had to get out my warm hand-knitted socks.

Here's a last picture of my cat, Misty, helping lay out the Noro rectangles.

Sorry not the best photo. Now she is helping me by chasing my yarn around the floor.
What am I knitting. It's this.



Libby said...

This is awesome Diane - look forward to seeing it's progress. I knitted up a couple of Lizard Ridge Squares and the pattern is fascinating. I'd love to do this one day - have fun with yours!

alltangledup said...

it looks lovely! I did a few squares for a group blanket and it's really fun knitting